Preparing for the Autumn Clock Change

October 18, 2020

You have just gotten on top of things with your child's sleep and then you have another curve ball thrown at you, the Clock Change!

Yes, the clocks will go back 1 hour on Sunday, October 25th at 2 am. We refer to this clock changes as the Fall Back. Out of the two clock changes that we have a year this is the one that is the one to watch out for & I do recommend that parents prepare for it in advance. A normal wake up time of 6.30 am can soon become 5.30 am without prep – which is no fun for anyone!

Preparing for the Autumn Clock Change

In the week running into the clock, change start adjusting their bedtime by putting them to bed 10 minutes later each night leading up to the clock change. So if your child normally goes to bed at 7 pm you will adjust to 7.10 pm on night 1, 7.20 pm on night 2, 7.30 pm on night 3 and so on.  The logic is that by the time you get to the clock change your baby will have adjusted to the new time by the time Sunday, October 27th rolls around and as such their biological clock will have adjusted and they will wake at the new 6 am or 7 am!

If you don’t manage to make this adjustment as outlined in advance of the clock change please don’t fret. You may find that your baby’s cycle is a little off-kilter in the days afterward but all is not lost.  Our bodies thrive on consistency and routine.  Simply stick to how you normally handle things with your child. Carry on as you would with their routine during the day and for bedtime and within a few short days things will have ironed themselves out.

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