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Got in touch with Erica just before I returned to work after having our first baby. Our little one wasn’t sleeping through the night and woke about 6 times looking for cuddles/ water/ entertainment, we were shattered and at our wits end.Erica went through some very simple techniques with us to help our baby to resettle herself during the night, and text me every morning to see how we got on. Her support was superb and she always took the time to ask how we were doing, 3 months on and our little girls sleep routine has transformed, and we are a much hapier family as a result. I can’t recommend Erica enough , I only wish I had gotten in touch sooner !

Leah Lawlor

From our very first chat with Erica we learned so much and made changes that were so simple and made so much sense but that we needed to be guided through. We are thoroughly happy with her services and more importantly with our new found sleep. We went from not having a full nights sleep in 6 years (3 children) to now having it most nights. Coud not recommend Erica highly enough. Thank you so much.

Emma Kavanagh

All i can say is Erica you are like a guardian angel! You walked in the door of our house that day and from the moment we met you we knew that if anyone could help our little man to sleep it was going to be you. You listened so thoroughly, found out exactly what it was we wanted and needed and you designed a very specific plan for us and literally guided us all the way through. Within only 3-4 nights we went from having a child who was waking every hour to having a child who was sleeping through the night most nights from 7pm to 5am. What a dramatic improvement! We are still working on the early morning but i know that will be a longer process and we are just delighted with how things have gone so far. We’ve gone from feeling helpless and hopeless to feeling really empowered and we owe it all to you Erica. You are truly incredible at what you do and I thank you so sincerely for giving us back our lives, our sanity and our date nights.

Kate Cox

Freddie is doing amazingly well, we can’t actually believe he’s the same child. He is sleeping the night and having his nap without any complaints. So much so, when we ask him does he want to brush his teeth (start of bedtime routine) he runs to the bathroom and you can see him instantly wind down as we go to his room to get him ready for bed. We are all getting the sleep we need and I am eternally grateful because things were so so tough before we got your help and I felt I had passed breaking point but had no choice to keep going. You really gave us the confidence, reassurance and tools we needed to do this for our family and I cannot thank you enough. Please God when we have the next one we will be better equipped but I think we’ll be buying your sleep series to nip things in the bud.

Ciara Riordan

We had a great experience with Erica. The support and expertise to guide us through a rocky road, of lack of sleep with our baby girl not sleeping properly were so valuable. We have now turned a corner in our long term plan of sleep shaping and have so many hours back in our day with the help and support of Erica. I cannot thank you enough for helping me change the fire fighting and getting a piece of our lives back X

Eimear O’Reilly

We reached out to Erica when our baby was a newborn, as we had no idea how to structure naps, up to 4 months of age we were rocking him in the buggy….and it was becoming tedious! The minute we met Erica she put our minds at ease. Erica was always available and went above and beyond to help us get a routine in place. Our baby is now almost 2 and a fantastic sleeper, sleeping 7pm-7am even through teething and bouts of sickness. He even naps perfectly in childcare. I can’t recommend Erica enough, not only is she excellent at what she does, she is extremely professional, caring and approachable! Thank you for giving us the Gift of Sleep!

Gill Ennis

As first time parents we have been a bit clueless! With the Covid19 lockdown we had very little support and were trying to juggle a 4 month old while both working from home (we’re self employed so no maternity leave as such!). We ended up with our daughter in the bed, rocking her to sleep at nap times, feeding her to help her sleep etc. We thought this was the only way and we did not have the emotional space to try something new. When she started to wake when put down we knew something had to change! She was also 7 months at this stage! With the lifting of the restrictions our minder was able to start and within a week of trying the Babogue methods and having a support from our minder we had a baby sleeping from 7-7 with one wake up a night for a feed and quick change! We are shocked! I’m nearly crying writing this thinking how far we came in just a week. Naps are still a work in progress but I know we will get there. The Series along with support from an amazing minder was a game changer for us! Thank you so much! Jessie xxx

Jessie Hickey

Since buying the 6-9 months Sleep Series I have found it so beneficial. Having the support of Erica and other parents going through sleep issues on the Facebook page is invaluable. There is always someone to answer your question and offer advice and support. It has given me the confidence to persevere when things were hard and reach the desired outcome. The regular live facebooks that Erica does on the page are excellent too and a brilliant way of getting instant advice, no matter how small. Well done and thanks you Erica on such a great initiative x

Gillian Asple

When I purchased the sleep series I suppose we didn’t have a “code red” sleep problem but I wanted to develop a good routine around sleep. The series helped me understand the science behind the need for structured naps and how to get back on track when sleep routines go astray

Nicola Findlater

Erica is so warm and friendly, feels like you are talking to a friend from the start. Our 10 month old was refusing naps and taking at least an hour to put down at nightwith multiple wakings every night. At a friends recommendation we reched out to Erica. We are into day two of the Sleep Series 9-18 Months and our little girl is now going down at night and sleeping through the night and her naps have drastically improved. Cannot believe it !

Aisling Parker

Since implemnting the steps recommended in the toddler sleep series our toddler (23 months) who has been a terrible sleeper since birth due to chronic reflux is now sleeping 7-7. If we do have the odd bad night we know what to do now to keep us on track, thanks Erica x

Cliodhna O’Connor

“I bought the 9-18 month sleep series just 3 days ago for my 10 month old who needed to be rocked and held to sleep every night and for every nap with multiple wakes during the night! With Ericas amazing easy to follow steps and straight to the point videos I was able to put into place a new routine. The first night my boy was asleep in 15 minutes by himself and slept through the night with no wakes until the next morning! Our 3rd night he was asleep himself in 2 minutes and slept from 8pm – 7:45am! It is by far the best money I’ve ever spent! Would highly recommend anyone who is struggling to try it as there is a plan for every parent and every baby, it’s your choice which plan is best for you! ️”

Aine Nestor

I can not recommend Erica and Babogue Sleep enough! We purchased the 9-18 month series a few months ago and haven’t looked back since. What I especially like is that if you ever have any queries about anything, the private Facebook group is always there. Erica, thank you so much.

Marie Ryan

I just wanted to message you to say thanks for giving us the confidence to make the change with our 14 month old. We bought the series and applied the self settling technique to move away from rocking to sleep. She was BF until 11 months and the habit was there but it wasn’t sustainable long term. We still have to work on early/night wakening but we feel equiped to do it, we just need to focus on that. The way our work has changed, both working from home and doing longer hours has set us back a bit on this ….but we’ll make time when we are ready. My point is that even making small changes can make a big difference. Thank you again and keep doing you. There are so many books out there but your kindness and compassion and your presentation of the content make it so much easier. Thank you and take care.

Sheila Lynch


We purchased the 9-18 months digital pack for my daughter in November and I watched the videos in my own time. As I got half way through the 7 steps our little girl (then 10 months) was doing 7pm-7am . The thing that changed for us was naps. Knowing the science behind the sleep was revolutionary for us and even though I’ve read numerous books I found the digital pack and messenger so useful to drop a question or query and Erica always got back to us so quickly. Really happy we bought the series and love the insta stories for the seasonal tips such as the clocks changing and dealing with Christmas chaos. Wish I knew about this sooner! A good nights sleep is better than a lotto win with 2 kids under 2 xx Thanks Erica.

Aisling Brown

Just over 1 week doing thr 6-9 month sleep series with my 7 month old. I can already see a huge difference in Luca. I’ve decided to keep the dodi which I thought was going to be a nightmare but we have only had to replug it during the night once or twice. Luca never self settled, he is now self settling. I decided to use the interval method and I’ve only had to use it the first 2 or 3 nights, everytime I put him in for naps and at bedtime, he’s settling himself and I don’t need to go in again, (please god) the early morning wakes no longer exist. He wakes at 6am and I start his day! He never slept more than 45 mins for naps. Yesterday he slept 2.5 hours for his afternoon nap. If we get 1.5 hrs out of him I’m happy so this was a bonus! I can’t thank Erica enough for the help and support the past week. We are a happy family who have now finally got the Gift of Sleep. Cannot recommend Babogue Sleep Solutions enough!!

Catherine Bohan

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