Sleep Services

Are you struggling with your little ones sleep?

Are sleepless nights impacting your quality of life?
Dealing with cat naps and continuous overnight feeding?
Would you like to learn more about how to establish healthy sleep habits for your child?
Babogue has an option to suit you. You can work with me directly through her on a One to One Sleep Solution Packages or benefit from my knowledge and expertise through the online Sleep Series courses. My 7 Steps to Better Sleep is at the core of every consultation and course provided. Whichever option you choose the Gift of Sleep is just a click away.

One to One:

Do you feel you need an extra helping hand in achieving your family sleep goals? If so, then working with me directly could be the way forward for you. 

Depending on the type of support you desire I have a Sleep Solution Package to suit you. Any of the options below will help you to improve your childs sleep. This is achieved by creating a tailored Sleep Plan and supporting you through your sleep journey with your child. All that I ask is that you bring consistency and commitment while working with me.

Virtual Sleep Solution


The Sleep Series:

Are you looking to empower yourself with knowledge on what lies ahead with your childs sleep? Are you currently so tired that you can’t keep your eyes open to read another book that promises to get your baby sleeping? I hear ya…..

The Sleep Series is designed as an online video based course that will educate you on your childs sleep from newborn right through to the toddler years. It includes video content broken into easy to watch segments so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. It doesn’t stop there. You will get access to helpful digital downloads and The Sleep Series Private Facebook Group.

Newborn Sleep Series


4-6 Months Sleep Series


6-9 Months Sleep Series


9-18 Months Sleep Series


Toddler Years Sleep Series


The Complete Sleep Series


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