Meet Erica, Our Paediatric Sleep Solutions Expert

May 7, 2018


Firstly I am Mom to 3 wonderfully crazy kids: Quinn, Kate & Patrick – they alone keep me super busy. I am a wife to Liam, my amazing and super patient husband and we live just outside Naas, Co Kildare but I am originally from Cavan.

I love to run – ask anyone, I am mostly seen in my running gear!

I thrive on being super organised, I love routine & adore schedules.

I know I hate the sound of me too!

Mostly though I LOVE sleep!

I am one of those people who simply cannot get enough – 8 hours sometimes doesn’t cut it! So when we started to have children the fact that we may never sleep again absolutely freaked me out. I knew that my sanity and my marriage would not survive years and years of sleepless nights.

I have endlessly researched and read almost everything I could to help my family achieve our sleep goals. However, that did not prepare me for the sleep-deprived mess that I was to become. Quinn nearly broke me. I both physically and mentally did not cope with sleep deprivation. However, I gained control over the situation & never looked back.

And so Babgoue was born!

My dream is to help as many families as possible have as many good night’s sleep as possible. Did I mention that all of my brood sleep 12 hours at night – even the 8-year-old?! Empowering families to get the sleep that both parents and little ones need is my passion. When I overhear Moms chatting in the playground about how little sleep they have had for the last few years I want to pop over to them with a coffee and ask them how I can help.

How am I qualified to advise you on your child’s sleep?

Really good question! Prior to becoming Mom, I graduated from the University of Limerick with a BSc in Business (Account & Law). I hold an MBS in Strategic Management & Planning from the Smurfit Business School (UCD) and also a Post Grad Dip in Event Management and PR. Last but not least I am a Family Sleep Institute Certified Child Sleep Consultant (

Let me tell you that sleep is not a luxury. Sleep is a necessity. Like food, shelter and water – we need sleep to function and survive. Children need it even more than we do. They need it to grow, they need it to function, they need it to develop. Establishing good sleep habits will only benefit your family.

Get in touch with Babogue today and the Gift of Sleep could be as little as two weeks away!

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