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This online video based program will empower you on what to expect from your child’s sleep from newborn right through to the toddler years. It includes video content, digital downloads and access to the Sleep Series Private Facebook group.
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6-9 Months Sleep Series



A good night sleep is important for babies and parents. Whether your little one is struggling to fall asleep, waking in the night or unable to get back to sleep, this program can help.

Through Erica’s 7 Steps to better sleep you will get lots of tips and guidance on how to mould healthy sleep habits as well as overcome challenges that you may be experiencing.

Are You Experiencing

Are you struggling with your childs sleep and don’t know how to fix it
Do you feel like you have tried everything?
Is it taking a long time for them to fall asleep at night and for naps?
Are they constantly waking during the night?
Is your child feeding endlessly during the night?
Are you experiencing multiple night wakes?
Are you constantly replugging the soother?
Have you no predictable naps?
Would you like to move away from co-sleeping but don’t know where to start
Have you constant cat napping?
Are you returning to work and wish to put in place a supportive sleep routine for your child?
Do you wish your child could self settle?
Struggling to get through the day due to sleep deprivation?

This Program Covers

What to expect from your childs sleep through the 6-9 month age range
Sensitive and safe sleeping strategies to empower your child's sleep
A choice of techniques that respect your parenting style and help your child fall asleep independently and learn to self soothe
Understanding and handling nap adjustments needed at this age range including the transition to 1 nap a day
Ensuring you are practicing safe sleep
Addressing soother use
How to create an effective bedtime routine.
Understanding regressions, why they occur and how to support your childs sleep through them
How to deal with & fading out night-waking
Understanding night feeds & how to wean them when you and your child are ready
How to help your little one sleep through the night
What day time sleep routine will best support your childs overall sleep picture
How to handle separation anxiety & illness that are impacting sleep
Key information for handling Twins & Multiples sleep
Plus so much more!

What You Get

28 videos where Erica gives you everything you need to know to solve your sleep challenges
Over 2.5 hours of expert video based sleep guidance
Erica’s 7 Steps to Better Sleep
Access to the Sleep Series Community on Facebook for support & guidance from Erica
Weekly LIVE Q&A session with Erica
A range of digital downloads to support you while using the Sleep Series
Data access
Unlimited access to your program and the Sleep Series Community
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What You Will Learn

The changes you may need to make to improve your childs sleep probably feel overwhelming for you as a parent. This program contains crucial sleep information & choice around methods plus support via a private community to help you handle it and achieve your family sleep goals.

The transition between 6-9 months is a time when your child's sleep changes so rapidly, and parents can often feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and frustrated.

This program will teach you everything you need to know to create a calm routine, including how to keep your baby from waking through the night and struggling to get back to sleep.

This program will help you gain the skills and knowledge to meet your baby’s developmental and emotional pace. Teach them how to self-settle & sleep according to their individual needs and capabilities so they can learn as they go.

What Parents are Saying

Frequently Asked Questions 

Of course! There is a wonderful private Facebook page called the Sleep Series Community. Once you have purchased a program you can request access to this page to gain expert lead support on your sleep journey with your little one.

Programs available are suitable from birth right through to preschool. You will need to choose a program that is appropriate to your child’s age range. For example the 4-6 months program would be most suitable for a 4.5 month old and the 9-18 month program would be best for an 9.5 month old.

Our bodies thrive on routine. However, we all need a break from them at times right? When you first start working through the programs establishing pattern around sleeping and feeding will be recommended however this is communicated through understand sleep so that you can have flexibility around it too. No one wants to be stuck to their house all the time so by understanding sleep and how to be flexible with it you will be able to get out and about where necessary. You will develop a flexible schedule with your child that will support their needs and allow you all to thrive as a family unit.

Yes, they are. Once the reflux is being addressed, controlled and under the supervision of a medical professional you can use the programs to work on sleep.

Each child's response to changes around their sleep will be individual and different. Very often when change is made little ones will be frustrated and they will express this frustration through crying. Understanding their frustration will be an important part of your steps forward. The Sleep Series gives you choice around how you respond to and handle their frustration and tears. This choice comes in the form of 5 different methods - no parental involvement, moderate parental involvement, and high parental involvement. We believe parents should respect their parenting style while achieving their family sleep goals and one size does not fit all families.

Immediately after purchase you can access your program via your confirmation email that will have been sent to the email address provided by you at purchase. If you do not receive this email please contact us on and we will check out any issues! After that you will be able to access your program via our website

Yes, yes, yes! Breastfed babies are capable of sleeping very well! There is an entire section in each program that looks at the capabilities of breastfed babies from a sleep perspective. The program is realistic in terms of expectations around baby sleep. You will be encouraged to work on the disassociation of feeding from sleep however your breastfeeding journey is your own and is very much respected.

You view your program via your dashboard upon logging in to access viewing them. They are not downloadable but you can access easily and efficiently via

No, your access is not limited. You can stop, start and revisit your program at any time!

If you’d like to continue to co-sleep you can certainly still use our Sleep Series programs to help you with organising naps and establishing a routine. If you’d like to get your baby sleeping independently, then the Sleep Series can help with establishing that.

The majority of families that reach out to Babogue have little ones that are not self-settling. The program helps families establish that, once age appropriate, alongside a host of other important factors that support healthy sleep for little ones. We offer a choice of 5 different ways for parents to work on this on this – very much respecting individual parenting styles.

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